Nüovo Laundry

NÜOVO LAUNDRY ALL IN ONE is the leading brand of retail detergents

NÜOVO The only ONE with power of O3 able to eliminate toughest stains

The combination of five types of Oxygenated enzymes and surface-active substances of plant origin even effectively removes the contamination of textiles’ in cold water and in the short wash cycle. Is suitable for white and colorful laundry made of natural and synthetic fiber fabric, for hand and machine washing. Protects the color and protects the fabrics. Without colors and flavors. Is suitable for washing children’s clothing. Is completely washable from the fabric.



Anionic Surfactant %80-60

Non-ionic Surfactants, oxygen based bleaching agents <%10

This powder detergent does not contain perfume, only enzymes &optical

Brighteners Product in accordance to Egyptian standards & European directives 242/82.405/73.404/73.59/92. EEC 542/89,379/88,769/76,548/67 EEC

NÜOVO is a chemical-free detergent that contains only enzymes, alkaline mineral salts, and non-ionic and ionic surfactants from semi-natural ingredients.

The ingredients in NÜOVO not only work wonders on your clothes but also contribute to your overall health, wallet, and the environment when washing your laundry.

NÜOVO does not contain any fillers or additives that serve no purpose in the detergent except to increase volume for higher profits. It is a concentrated powder that dissolves completely in the wash, leaving nothing behind except clean fabrics.

NÜOVO is free from synthetic fragrances and essential oils, making it safe for individuals with allergies. It only provides a natural clean scent. While chemical fragrances may be enticing and novel, they can also be harsh on your skin and laundry. It can be detrimental to breathe in these fragrances, especially if you have asthma.

NÜOVO powder packaged in cardboard, which is ultimately better for the environment than most of other gel products

NÜOVO easily dissolves in both cold and hot water and leaves no residue whatsoever.

NÜOVO preferred be placed in the designated pre-wash or soaking compartment.

NÜOVO has disinfecting properties and effectively kills germs, ensuring complete sanitation of your clothes.

Wash, soak, or pre-treat:


Add (1/2 sachet) of NÜOVO and add water (maximum 40°C) until it covers NÜOVO, stir for 20 seconds.

Apply to stains, rub in gently, and wait (maximum 10 minutes, do not allow NÜOVO to dry on the fabric).

Then wash it as usual



Add (1sachet) to 4 liters of water at (30°C). Soak the garment for a maximum of 4 hours, after which wash it as usual.



(1sachet) for machines up to 8kg for normally soiled laundry

(2 sachet) for machines up to 8 kg, for heavily soiled laundry

(2 sachet) for machines larger than 8 kg, for normally dirty laundry.

(3 sachet) for washing machines over 8 kg for heavily soiled clothes.

Add Novo to your washing machine on top of your laundry.



pay attention to the washing cycle indicated on the care label of the clothing. It is suitable for white and colorful laundry made of natural and synthetic fiber fabric. Do not wash colorful laundry at a temperature above 40 °С. Recommended washing temperature 30-40 °С. New things must be washed separately if the color stability is unknown or use our Catcher Magic sheet in conjunction with this NÜOVO washer.


Storage at a temperature below 35 °C and at relative humidity at most 85% in order to avoid direct sunlight. After the expiry of the shelf life, the product must be disposed of as household waste.


36 months from the date of manufacture subject to storage conditions. The date of manufacture and batch number are indicated on the packaging. 


store separately from food, keep away from children and animals. Eye and mouth contact and contact with injured skin areas should be avoided. In case of contact, rinse with plenty of water and seek medical advice. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show the cardboard packaging of the product. In case of hypersensitivity and skin injuries, permanent contact with the washing powder should be avoided. Do not swallow. Only use as intended.


150 grams, 10 sachets of 15 grams each.

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