Catcher Sheets

Protecting your clothes against damage from color bleeds

Catcher is introducing color and stain absorbent sheet with a German microfiber precise technology and specialized with advanced color absorption technology

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Why Catcher

Mix and Wash Icon

wash white & colored clothes together

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also removes stains from clothes

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Keeps your clothes brand-new!

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saves time & number of washes

About Catcher Sheets

Catcher’s microfiber tissues provide protection against color fading during the washing process: they quickly absorb the Loose colors that are lost due to the detergent in an instant therefore, all clothes are protected against the loss of their original color, even if they include white Catcher Reducing the washing load of the washing machine in addition to saving time, water and electricity consumption Color protection: Catcher protects against gray spots due to the leak of excessive dye It maintains the vibrance of colors for a long time this simply means that there’s no need for splitting clothes before every single wash

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Said About Catcher

How to use Catcher

How to use Catcher 1
1- Put the laundry mixed in the washing machine besine then add detergent and rest of your additives in its custom drawers.
How to use Catcher 2
2- Put 1 sheet for every 4 kg laundry Example: If the washing machine 7 kg put two sheets with laundry.
How to use Catcher 5
3- After cycle end, remove your laundry out and get rid of sheet and not be reused completely.