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Catcher “Our mission is to revolutionize the way people care their self’s and enhance their overall well-being. We are committed to developing innovative and eco-friendly detergent solutions that deliver exceptional performance while minimizing environmental impact. Through our dedication to sustainability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, we aim to empower individuals and communities to embrace a cleaner and healthier future.”

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ماجيك شيت From CATCHER® is a German- design with microfiber technology, which absorbs free particles of leaking colors of clothes, stains, and dirt stuck in washing water, and prevents them from sticking to other clothes, you can wash the white with the colors in the same wash cycle safely and keeps the washing water clean and enhances the efficiency of the powder.

NÜOVO 5*1 From CATCHER® A Compact Powder sachet of laundry Detergent in (Volume and Weight), Replaces All market laundry detergents and related additives, One sachet only 15 gm washes up to 10kg, This small 15gm sachet contain detergent powder + textile softener + lint remover + color enhancer + pre-wash stain treatment All in one at 30% less price thana all market’s “heavyweight and bulky” related products. with Catcher we bring you #laundry_in_sachet

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ج.م.1,500ج.م.2,550 (-41%)

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